Why should I hire a professional face painter? 
The answer is in the question. I am a professional artist. I make it my business to provide you with safe and friendly services. We are professionally trained and fully insured.

What kind of paints and products do you use?
I use ONLY professional cosmetic-grade FDA approved paints specifically designed for painting on skin. The glitter that is used is cosmetic grade, 100% polyester with no metal sharp edges, non-irritating to the eyes or skin.

No doubt you have been to an event or carnival where someone is using Tempura, acrylic or craft paints.  Even if they say they are non-toxic that only means that they can be ingested with little to no harm. They are NOT meant to be used on the skin and can cause severe allergic reactions in some children.

I have taken great care in choosing only the best quality paints, adhesives and glitters on the market, so you can have a beautiful design that is also safe.

How do I remove face paint from my child’s face?

To remove our regular water soluble face paints, make a thick soapy lather from your regular bath or face soap.  Use that lather to rub onto your face design to reactivate the paint.  Using a soft cloth wipe away the soapy lather and your paint should be removed.  There should be no reason to scrub the skin.  You may need to repeat this process if a residue remains.  Occasionally certain colors may leave a stain on the skin.  If this happens simply apply some moisturizer, baby oil or coconut oil to the skin, leave on for 15-30 minutes, then wipe away with a soft cloth. 


To remove our Water resistant hybrid paints, simply rub straight liquid soap onto the design reactivating the paints.  Do not use water as the paints are water resistant.  Once the paints are broken down with the liquid soap you can wipe away the soap with a soft damp cloth.  No scrubbing is necessary.   

How much notice is needed to book an event?
The sooner the better!  I suggest booking no later than 3-4 weeks before. A deposit of the first full hour is necessary to hold your date.

How much time do I need to book?
I can paint 6-10 faces in an hour depending on the design, intricacy and squirminess of my canvas. Glitter Tattoos take between 2-5 minutes each.  

What ages do you paint?

Fort Mill Faces will not paint anyone who does not want to be painted. That being said I will paint anyone from age 3 to 93 and beyond! Face painting is fun for everyone!

What type of payment do you accept?
Fort Mill Faces accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, personal checks and cash. A small credit card fee may apply.

What if I need to cancel or change days?
Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. For this reason I allow for one date and/or time change for certain circumstances, if I can accommodate you. 

My question wasn’t answered here…
Please feel free to contact me about your event. I am happy to answer any questions you have.


Thank you for doing such an awesome job at the kids birthday party! I appreciate everything! You are amazing!!
Sally C.
Rock Hill, SC

Thank you Fort Mill Faces for coming out to support Fam Jam 2012 - you did a fantastic job making everyone's face fantastic!!!
Dr. Rob Cynowa
Fort Mill, SC

Thank you for making Caroline’s birthday party so special.  The kids loved your face paintings!
You were the main reason that the party was a success!  I can’t thank you enough.
Jenn S.
Rock Hill, SC

I wanted to write you and thank you again for coming to paint the children in our class last week.  It really was fun for the kids to act out the animals they were studying throughout the week!  Also I wanted to thank you for being so flexible with us and our fire drill.  The paintings were fantastic and we both look forward to working with you again!
Miss Cathy and Miss Susan, pre school teachers
Charlotte, NC


Thank you for painting at the FAM JAM today, I LOVED IT!  I was sooo sad that it came off in the dunk tank later that day, but you are amazingly gifted!  Please come back next year!
Jamie C.
Fort Mill, SC

Thanks so much for painting my daughter’s face today at the festival!  It was awesome!  She went to a birthday party afterwards and it was a hit!  Great work!
Kim G.
Columbia, SC


Mellisa, You were amazing today!  Your paintings are just beautiful.  I can’t wait till next year!
Shannon P.
York, SC

I am so glad the ‘other’ face painter could not make it and we found you!  You made Connor’s Birthday Party!  From now on you will be our first call! 
Patty D.
Rock Hill, SC


We can't thank you enough for coming out to our Halloween festival.  The kids were so happy with the face painting additions to their costumes.  Everyone looked great for our Trunk or Treat.  We will see you in the spring for out Spring Feast!  

Brandi M.

Rock Hill, SC


Your work was amazing!  Thanks again!

Angela S.

Charlotte, NC


I wanted to write you a quick email to Thank you again for coming out to our neighborhood event last week.  I noticed how sweetly and kindly you spoke to David X..  Even his mother thought he would never sit to get his face painted even though he wanted it so badly and the way you worked with him was so patient and he loved his face paints!  My husband said he saw him in Sunday school the next day and still had his design on and was showing everybody proudly!  You are a very special Lady!  And will be our only face painter from now on.

Evelyn W.

Gastonia, NC